The most common cause of pain in dog is Arthritis (Osteoarthritis known as OA). It is a progressive disease which is disabling and sadly incurable. It affects about 4 in every 5 dogs however is often left undiagnosed. It is very much associated with old age, however it can affect dogs as young as 1 year of age.

At first it affects moving joints with pain causing reduced movement of the joint and therefore the limb. This means that the muscles, tendons and ligaments around the affected joint becomes weak, which in turn causes your dog to compensate for this which can cause pain or injury in other limbs.

After a veterinary diagnosis, referral for Hydrotherapy can be beneficial for your dog. The warm water of our pool will help relax your dog and reduce inflammation and therefore pain as well as increasing blood flow around their body. An increased blood flow means the supply of oxygen and nutrients to their muscles is improved and also means that waste products from the soft tissues is more efficiently taken away. The warm water allows an increased range of motion with minimal additional pain and so we can work on increasing your dog’s flexion and extension to help improve their range of motion.

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