Weight Management

Just like us humans, if a dog is overweight they can be more likely to suffer from medical issues such as heart disease, circulatory problems and arthritis. But how do you know if your dog is overweight? A quick and easy way is compare your dogs silhouette with the below and you are also welcome to come and use our scales.


You should always seek your vet’s advice if you think your dog is overweight. They can ensure that your dog is healthy and that there are no underlying health issues causing the weight gain. If your vet gives them the all clear to start weight reduction they can refer you to us here at the K9 Wellness Centre for Hydrotherapy.

Hydrotherapy can be used in conjunction with a reduction in calorie intact to promote weight loss. We can advise you on lower fat foods and also get your dog swimming in our pool or using our water walker (treadmill), whichever is most appropriate for them. Hydrotherapy works by encouraging a full range of joint motion without your dog needing to weight bear on hard ground. It therefore allows muscle tone to be improved, without risking any extra stress or damage. Every footfall on land causes a shock wave to travel up the limb and is absorbed by joints, tendons and bones. These shock waves can be damaging in a weak limb or an arthritic joint for example, and if your dog is carrying extra weight this can increase the risk of damage.

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